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My Approach

Psychodynamic Therapy

I practice psychodynamic therapy. I primarily treat problems of self (self-concept, self-esteem, self-development, identity) and existential concerns. Typical diagnostic presentations include anxiety, post traumatic stress, depression, personality disorders and eating disorders. 


Psychodynamic therapy focuses on gaining a deeper understanding of your own experience, self and emotional world and how this plays out in your relationships and life in general, with the secondary outcome of alleviating your symptoms. Psychodynamic therapy is based on the premise that, as well as our conscious thoughts and feelings, we are motivated by other thoughts and feelings which we are not consciously aware. Within the therapeutic relationship, we seek to understand with curiosity what unconscious drives may be at play which act to block your true desires and emotional freedom. To understand these unconscious influences, we explore in the safe space of the therapeutic relationship life experiences, as well as early childhood experiences, where current difficulties may have their origins. Together, we seek to understand the ways in which the past may be repeating itself in current experiences and relationships.


Psychodynamic therapy seeks to provide a deeper, emotional understanding of your problems, which extends beyond knowing at an intellectual and cognitive level what is affecting us.

About Me

I completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology. My PhD examined treatment resistance in eating disorders from a psychodynamic (self psychology) perspective. I also completed my Master of Counselling and undergraduate Psychological Science degree at the University of Queensland.

I have undertaken training and supervision through the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute, the Adelaide Institute of Psychoanalysis and the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis.

I previously worked in a range of psychology settings including a Brisbane Adult Mental Health Service, Mater Private Hospital, Clayfield College, New Farm Clinic and University Student Services. I also worked at an Australia-wide not-for-profit counselling organisation as a both a counsellor and later a manager/ counselling centre supervisor.


I held a Lecturing position at Australian Catholic University, teaching Psychodynamic Therapy and Counselling Theory and Interventions.



I am accredited to supervise psychologists under the Psychology Board of Australia.

I supervise Clinical Psychology Registrars and helping professionals from all backgrounds including counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers.

I do not supervise psychologists undertaking the 4+2 and 5+1 programs.

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My Approach
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