1) What can I expect when I see you for therapy? What do I talk about?


Therapy is about you. It is your time and space to examine yourself and your concerns. At the initial consultation we:

a) Discuss your expectations and rights you have as a client receiving therapy;

b) Assess your concerns/current problem and history; and

c) Discuss requirements of treatment.

Once we have discussed the best way of treating your concerns, we talk about whatever you feel is most important to discuss. As your therapist, I might inquire about certain areas of your life. I might also notice what you don’t share and raise this with you. But ultimately you are completely free to choose the focus and pace of sessions.

2) Is therapy scary or uncomfortable?


Usually people see a therapist because of challenges in their life. So therapy can bring up uncomfortable feelings like sadness, anger, guilt, frustration, loneliness, and helplessness. It is normal for people to feel worse before they feel better. However, people do feel better with time. The increased familiarity of the process of therapy, your closer relationship with me and an increased understanding of yourself also makes therapy comfortable. It is my role to make you feel as comfortable as possible in therapy. I am welcoming and not intimidating in my approach.


3) How fast should I expect results? How many appointments will I need?


Therapy takes time. Often people think they will improve after just a few appointments, perhaps even one. It is difficult to know how long a person will take to see lasting change. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes a year or more. Each person is individual and each relationship with me is unique. What I can say is that therapy is a commitment. It is a commitment to prioritising yourself and your mental health and wellbeing.


The intention of therapy is that I support your emotional needs and your development, assisting you to get to a point where you no longer need my frequent support. Rather, you will take on my role and be able to support yourself. Despite this, people do attend therapy throughout their lives to collaborate around their personal development.


4) How often should I schedule appointments?


I recommend at least weekly appointments to ensure continuity of care.


5) How do I book an appointment?


You can either fill out your details on my website on the CONTACT ME page, email me contact@drhelenbailey.com, or call me on 0414430318 to schedule an appointment. I will then send you an information package including a consent form to sign prior to your first consultation.


6) Can I keep the same appointment time?


Yes. In fact, it is important for the therapeutic process that there is an appointment time kept just for you. Obviously circumstances change from time to time so appointments may shift around on these occasions. 


7) Are you available 24-7 in case I have an emergency and need your help?


I do not provide emergency or after hours care. However, I strive to be available for my clients in their times of need. In case of a life threatening or psychiatric emergency, please call 000 or go to your nearest emergency room.


8) How much do you charge?


The Australian Psychology Society recommends a fee of $240. My standard fee for a 50-minute consultation is $210.


9) Does Medicare cover the cost of a sessions?


Each calendar year you are entitled to 10 psychological appointments partly funded by Medicare ($124.50). The difference between my fee and the Medicare rebate is $85.50 is covered privately by you. When you have used the 10 sessions partly funded by Medicare, you can either continue to pay privately and/ or you may be eligible for funding covered by your private health insurer, if applicable.


10) Do you take private health insurance?


Yes. Cover differs depending on your private health insurance policy and provider. Please contact your provider for further details.


11) When do I pay for services?


Payment is due by the time of service unless an alternative payment arrangement is negotiated.


12) What forms of payment do you accept?


The full fee is to be paid at your appointment (EFTPOS available). Medicare rebates are made at time of payment.


13) Do you charge for missed sessions?


My cancellation policy is strict and in line with the Australian Psychology Society recommendations. If, for any reason, you need to cancel or postpone your appointment, please give me at least 48 hours notice. Otherwise you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel within 48 hours notice or a cancellation fee at full cost of service if you cancel within 24 hours notice. This ensures your commitment to your treatment and that I can maintain a service to support clients.