Black water Helen Bailey Psychology


My practice

I practice psychodynamic therapy. This approach focuses on your experiences to gain a deeper understanding of you within your own emotional world and how this plays out in your relationships and life in general.


In session we talk about whatever you feel is most important to discuss, whatever is on your mind in that moment. It is within our relationship that we will examine your everyday experiences, your beliefs and feelings about yourself and others, entrenched patterns of behaving and relating to others, the ways you protect yourself from hurt, and the influence of your childhood experiences. 


Psychodynamic therapy typically takes a longer duration and requires more frequent attendance than other psychological treatments. 

I primarily treat

concerns such as problems of self (self-concept, self-esteem, self-development, identity) and entrenched patterns of behaving and relating to others which cause yourself hurt, and


diagnostic presentations such as anxiety, depression, and personality and eating disorders that are not so symptomatic that they are disruptive to the capacity for you to engage in psychodynamic therapy. 



I am a Clinical Psychologist.

I have completed my PhD in Clinical Psychology. My PhD examined treatment resistance in eating disorders from a self psychology perspective.


I previously completed my Master of Counselling and undergraduate Psychological Science degree at the University of Queensland.

Past practice


I worked in a range of psychology settings including a Brisbane Adult Mental Health ServiceMater Private HospitalNew Farm Clinic, a University's Student Services and an Australia-wide not-for-profit counselling organisation.


I held a Lecturing position at Australian Catholic University, teaching Psychodynamic Therapy and Counselling Theory and Interventions.